LoutheLove fairy- ONLINE TAROT REPORTS/Spirtual/personal/life coaching

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by Lou Elizabeth
Published: 29 January 2021 (4 weeks ago)
Melbourne Australia but online based so can do globally!

I offer online based tarot readings/reports via email.  I like to use tarot as a healing & therapy tool.

I’m not a psychic but I do intuitive readings & can channel. I aim to do readings within 24 hours if it flows, but do allow 24-72 hours to complete the readings in case it doesn’t flow. I like to keep it natural & don’t like to force it.

I have 6 decks- my main tarot deck & 5 oracle decks.  I custom design readings with your input/depending on your  needs. I can do 1 or 3 card readings or bigger custom spreads.   I like to spend time talking with clients to gauge their needs, let them ask questions & encourage them to be part of the process.

I use a combination of channelling, answering questions (if you want to ask them) & the guidebooks that come with my decks.  I like this combination as I believe it includes the energy & magic of me, you, the cards & their creator.

I also offer spirtual/personal/life coaching/therapy.

I only launched my business last year, so as I’m feeling my way & developing experience I offer pay as you wish & good old exchange/barter.  I think there should be more bartering/exchange in the world & that it’s a way the world should go.  I put $5.00 on the classified as I don’t want it to be free, but it’s up to you what you pay.  I very much believe money is energy & should be approached with that in mind.