Open my Channel – A session for developing Channelers

Yolanda Tong avatar
by Yolanda Tong
Published: 21 November 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Melbourne, Australia

Have you begun channeling, or feel as though you are ready to start, but seem to be hitting up against some road blocks in bringing it through better?  Maybe you’ve hit that glass ceiling and know you can go further with it, but you could use some support to move into what’s next. Perhaps you’ve done some courses, and tried to follow the steps but they just aren’t quite working for you.

The truth is, we all connect differently, we each have our own unique steps, and ways to connect and bring through information/energy from our guides/higher selves/collectives/Source, and we all need to expand in our own unique way.

I am  a Direct Voice Channeler who spent many years opening and clearing my channel, and so I really understand channelers better than most.  Channeling is my main gift, and the vessel in which my other gifts come through.

I believe there is no one size fits all with channeling, we each have our own unique way of working, and purpose for using it.  I don’t teach you my way, I help you to find your own so that you can practice your own best way of working.

Opening you up to your Gifts, your Higher Purpose, and your ability to channel better, clearer, is what I do best.  You can read more about my sessions and what I offer at the Work with me section of my website.

All my sessions are channeled, recorded so you can listen back again, and held over Zoom.  Bookings can be made through my website.  :-) Cost is AUD$160 and sessions go for 1.5-2hrs.